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Unschool Your Child at Kiddos 101

Open-ended play opportunities, all day, every day.

One of our most frequently asked questions is do we offer classes. The short answer is no. The concept of regular “baby classes” or classes for toddlers, is something that we feel has been packaged and sold to American parents because we are culturally conditioned to believe that “school” and “classes” are what makes a child smarter.

First, let’s be clear, there is nothing that will make a child inherently smarter. Nor do we believe intelligence makes a child more successful or able to learn. Second, school and classes are not always the best way to support a child’s learning in their formative years. We believe all children are naturally inquisitive communicators. If you support their curiosity and actively communicate with them at their level and on their terms, those skills will be developed, leading to stronger critical thinkers and problem solvers.

“Smart” is an illusion. Children are brilliant, each in their own right, whether they are dealing with a developmental hurdle or have been isolated for over a year due to a global pandemic. Kiddos 101 facilitates open-ended learning opportunities for children. Through our intentionally designed development center, and partnered with the caregiver as the Guide, the child leads their own learning with the entire playfloor at their disposal to explore their ideas. This is “unschooling.”

“Unschooling is an informal learning that advocates learner-chosen activities as a primary means for learning. Unschoolers learn through their natural life experiences including playhousehold responsibilities, personal interests and curiosity, internships and work experience, travel, books, elective classes, family, mentors, and social interaction...unschooling encourages exploration of activities initiated by the children themselves, believing that the more personal learning is, the more meaningful, well-understood and therefore useful it is to the child.” “Unschooling.” Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation,

This is not to say that preschool (especially play based) or organized activities such as a storytime or dance class cannot be of any benefit. Our son started in day care at age two, our daughter began taking dance class at age three, and we are not a homeschooling family, rather we have opted for a traditional school path for our children. However, Kiddos 101 was, and is, a space that we created to support their physical and mental development, and we continue much of that open-ended exploration and guidance within our home.

This is not intended to condemn one path over another. We simply want caregivers to be aware that they have more power than they realize to support their child’s learning, both at home or at Kiddos 101, and set them up for success as students who are unafraid to ask, “Why?” and build a lifelong love of learning. 

If you are interested in giving your children more freedom than they can get at home or in a class, if you want to develop leaders and independent thinkers while instilling confidence, engagement, and curiosity in your child, Kiddos 101 is the place for you and your kiddos.


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Features and Amenities

  • Open-ended, unstructured play
  • 1800 square foot boutique play space
  • Great for kids ages 6 months to 6 years
  • Professional, caring staff
  • Climate-controlled, relaxing environment
  • Montessori & Reggio Emilia approach
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Family owned
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